How It Works
After having served hundreds of clients in Florida, we know how difficult it can be to pay the property taxes when finances are tight. But letting them get behind will only make matters worse! We're here to help through the process quickly and effortlessly, while getting you the funds you need.  Below you'll see exactly how we can help you save your property.
Option #1: We Pay Your Property Taxes
No Upfront Cost!
When your lenders are unable to help, All American Housing Solution is there for you. We don’t charge a penny upfront to begin resolving your tax situation. Just the way it should be!
More payment time!
At All American Housing Solution, we know that sometimes... life happens.  That's why we designed our tax relief program with you in mind. If accepted into the program, we ensure you'll have up to 6 months to buy the property back. Not a bad deal, is it?  
Stay in the property!
That’s absolutely correct! When we stop the foreclosure process, we ensure you'll be able to stay in your property during the buyback period. No more harassment from the county, and no more threatening letters from attorneys or investors.
Good Credit, Bad Credit - No Issue!
Despite your credit history or financial situation, we can help. Been turned down by lenders? Don't want to go through the embarrassment of asking family for money? Everyone has hard times. Call us, and we'll help you out of yours. 
Option #2: Want To Sell Your Property? We'll Buy It.
Commission Free!
Looking to sell your property? We aren't realtors, we don't list your home, and we don't charge commissions!  All American Housing Solutions has years of experience buying and holding properties, using our own funds, so you can be certain if we make an offer, we have the funds!
Guaranteed Fair Offer!
At All American Housing Solutions we want to leave our clients feeling like they won. That's why every offer we make is a fair cash offer! we make every situation a win-win situation for you. 
BBB Accredited
We have an excellent track record, an A rating with the BBB and our clients speak for our quality! As a company, we're determined to offer the best-in-class solutions. 
Cash offer at Closing!
Did we mention that our offers are CASH offers? At the closing table, rest assured, you'll be walking away, stress free, with a cashable check in hand for your property.
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