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Frequently Asked Questions:
What type of property will qualify for a Property Tax Relief?

Relief is available for almost any type of real estate as long as the property owner is not in bankruptcy, there is NO mortgage on the property and the property is reasonably maintained. This includes residential, commercial, investment properties and vacant land.

Can you help with past due taxes, interest and penalty fees as well?

Yes, if you meet the requirements, Property Tax Funding can instantly pay your current and past due taxes including accrued interest, penalties and legal fees.

I have several properties. Can you provide relief for multiple properties?

We can help with you with all your properties.

Do you make loans on personal property or for federal income taxes?

No, we handle only residential or commercial real estate property tax relief on a nationwide basis and do not make loans. We do however offer you and option to re-purchase your property.

Can I get extra cash beyond what is owed for my property taxes?

No, we can only make purchases for the tax amount, penalties, interest and closing costs, including legal fees. Under rare circumstances we could consider modification to this policy for individual cases.
EHow do I start the process for Property Tax Relief?

Our due diligence process is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to gather information from you.  A representative will call you to complete the questionnaire at your convenience.

What if I’ve had past credit problems?

Credit history is typically not an issue, except in cases of current bankruptcy. Relief is approved for most applicants, even those with poor credit. All relief packages are subject to verification.

What materials are required for your due diligence?

When completing the questionnaire on residential property, we will require personal information, along with specific property data. Upon completion of this questionnaire the quick and easy verification and documentation process will begin. 

Commercial applicants should also have the above information available. We will also require Articles of Incorporation and the governing documents of the company.
What are the terms of the Relief from All American Housing Solutions?

Relief is available for a period of 6 months. AAHS will provide an Option to re-purchase your property for a period of 6 months after which time the option will expire. This allows you to have the flexibility you need for additional months past the time in which your property would have been sold irrevocably at a public auction.

What is the interest rate on a Relief package from All American Housing Solutions?

AAHS does not charge interest on the time that it holds the property. We understand and fully acknowledge that the property owner has been granted an option to re-purchase the property. We also understand that it is their intention to re-purchase the property. We must assume that the property will not be re-purchased and that All American Housing Solutions will remain in full ownership and their intent was to remain in full ownership. Our documentation will reflect that.
How will I make my monthly payments?

All American Housing Solutions requires no monthly payments. At the end of the term a notification of Intent To Exercise Option will be provided 30 prior to the closing and a single payment for the option amount will be collected by the title company or attorney.

Can I exercise my option early?

Yes exercise your option to purchase at any time prior to the expiration of the option contract. Contact our office to coordinate a closing.
We can buy your property.  This option is for owners either looking to “let it go”, or have an interest in selling. Most of our clients would much rather get a fair offer on their home, rather than (the ugly-alternative) losing it to the county; or selling to an “investor” for the amount of the back-taxes! So our commitment to you is this: we’ll not only make you a fair offer… but we’ll also pay you cash at closing. 

(Note: we’re A rated with the BBB, and an independent company with our own cash reserves… so you can rest easy knowing that if we do make you an offer, we always follow through). 

Interested in selling? Here’s some final thoughts:

- We are not agents, or realtors, and we’re NOT looking to list your home.

- There are no hidden fees, no commissions, and we handle all closing costs. 

- We can make you a very fair offer… and will always deliver! 
Our offers are CASH offers… You’ll leave the closing table with a cashable check in hand.

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