We keep you from losing your property in a tax foreclosure.
For Immediate Assistance:

All American Housing Solutions is an Accredited Florida based company that specializes in emergency tax relief for homeowners. 

Has LIFE gotten in the way?
Have bills gotten overwhelming? Has a loved one passed away and left you a property that you simply can’t care for? 

If you’ve found yourself in a tight situation, you’re not alone. Paying property taxes can become a burden that many homeowners aren’t prepared for. Losing a property to a tax foreclosure is the last thing any homeowner wants, but will quickly become a serious problem if the taxes aren’t paid

If you’ve been laid off, lost a family member, or even run into a season of financial challenges, and you're in jeopardy of losing your home at the auction - we are here to help you!

Do Not Wait until you're only weeks away from losing your home! If you’ve been contacted by the county and you’re unsure how you’re going to pay the bill, call us today and one of our dedicated team members will share with you how we’ve been able to help hundreds of homeowners avoid a tax foreclosure. 
All American Housing Solutions Is An A Rated Company
with The BBB.
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